What professional real estate photography doesn’t understand about 3D virtual tours.

Professional real estate photography should be a part of every listing’s marketing plan. If you are not taking professional photos, then you are not showing your property in the best light possible, and it will not attract the right buyers. But should you use the professional photographer for the 3D virtual tours?

While every listing should include professional real estate photography, you must never forget to hire a professional who will prepare a 3D virtual tour. Your photographer may be good, but here are the reasons why 90% of the photographer’s fail at making decent 3D virtual tours.

Professional photography relies on bad angles for 3D.

Professional photographers spend their lives learning to capture the perfect angle from outside the subject. That is why 3D virtual tours made by professional photographers always stop at the doorway. That is the same place they place the tripod for the perfect shot of the bedroom. But 3d virtual tours require more. 3D virtual tours require you to get inside the subject. The photographs must be taken from where the buyer wants to stand, not where the buyer wants to look.

Professional real estate photography does not consider the buyer.

A metaphor for what little professional real estate photography understands about 3D virtual tours and the buyers who use them. A man sits on a couch on top of a head that floats in the ocean like an iceberg. The man only understands that small portion above the water, but there is so much more.

For decades, we have asked our real estate photographers to entice the showing. Create a magazine look that creates the need to see the house in person. Then, we hope to take it from there.

Because the photographer never interacts with the buyer, they never have the chance to study the buyer’s movements.

  • Where does the buyer stand?
  • What does the buyer look at?
  • Which areas of the house will the buyer want to see?

Without knowing the buyers’ psychology, the professional photographer will never be able to master the 3d virtual tour.

The professional photographer stops when the photographs are done.

It’s not enough any more to just take the photographs or make the 3d tour. When I make a 3D virtual tour, I post it on my blog and integrate it with connections to mortgage companies for providing lending packages to buyers. I also post it to my Facebook page that receives 30,000 views every month. Then, I go one step further.

Would you be surprised if your photographer continued to pay for advertising on your listings after he took the picture? The professional photographer traditionally moves on to the next job when you approve the pictures, but 3D virtual tours require something more. That’s why I offer service unlike anyone else.

I set new expectations.

Where the professional real estate photography contractors will stop at the end of the photo-shoot, I go further.

Over the last ten years, I have developed Facebook pixels and Google tags that allow me to target house buyers who want to buy a house just like the one you have listed. Over ten years, my cookies have gathered data on every type of personality and every type of listing so that Facebook and Google AI can track down buyers who are right for you.

When I finish making your 3D tour, I drive traffic to it with paid advertising. Then I make custom posts for it on my website and share links to my social media pages that receive over 30,000 views per month from Kern County residents.

If all that extra attention is not enough, I also push your 3D tour to Zillow, and instead of putting my picture on the listing, like a professional photographer usually would do, I give Zillow permission to pull the listing agent’s photograph and phone number from the MLS. This means that YOUR face and not mine will appear on every image within the 3D virtual tour.

No photographer will do all of that for you. I will. If you have a listing in Bakersfield, CA, and you do not yet have a 3D virtual tour, call me. I specialize in selling homes using advanced internet marketing. I make the best virtual tours in Bakersfield, and I’m ready to make tours for you. Call today.

Special Thanks to Laura McDonald from Philadelphia

I give special thanks to the ideas in this article to one of my two favorite friends who specialize in professional real estate photography. I met Laura McDonald when I was living in the Philadelphia Area. She has always made stunning photographs, and I recently learned that she made the leap into full-time photography.