This site is an unusual mix of Real Estate and Law. Since 2017, I’ve been transitioning out of Real Estate and into the Law. On this site, you will find both real estate and legal articles. Real estate will always be a passion of mine. Learn below why I feel so strongly about real estate.

Jared’s Early Years

When I was only five years old, I noticed my grandfather was not like other people. Every time the military or a private employer would send my dad to a new location, my grandfather bought the home across the street to be near us.

Lessons as a Teenager

When I was a teenager, my grandfather explained to me how it all worked. He had five commercial properties. They were paid-in-full. And they generated over $15,000/month in rental incomes that he and my grandmother could use for anything they wanted.

I worked hard, and I bought my first home at twenty-one. It has been an upward climb ever since.

New challenges and my driving force

I’ve always been a hard worker. It did not take long for me to start listing and selling houses. In March 2020, I found a new “why” start my days. On Friday, March 27, my daughter came into the world and changed my life for the better.

Keep your eye on my Facebook page, and you will likely see Eleanor working by my side. When Tarah is at work, I have the baby, and Tarah and I want to teach the baby to have the same hard work ethic that we have. We want her to be the proud daughter of “Jared at Watson Realty.”

Next Steps…

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