This site is an unusual mix of Law and Real Estate. Since 2017, I’ve been transitioning out of Real Estate and into Law. I passed the California State Bar in 2022 and was sworn in by Probate Judge Andrew B. Kendall on May 10, 2022. On this site, you will find law articles and occasional real estate articles. Real estate will always be a passion of mine.

When a Kern County resident needs to sell real estate owned by a dead person, Jared R Clemence gets the job done.

I became a Real Estate Broker in 2021. In 2022, I passed the California State Bar exam. Today, I act both as a Real Estate Broker and an Attorney-at-Law. Generally, the cases I take involve both realty and law. I’m heavily involved in Probate Litigation, particularly when the deceased owns real property. I also handle unlawful detainers and breach of fiduciary duty actions. My favorite cases are Probate Litigation cases where I am able to successfully defend a family against an unscrupulous gold digger who thought he or she could steal everything. These cases often center around “undue influence” or “financial elder abuse.”

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A Passion for Real Estate: Jared’s Early Years

When I was only five years old, I noticed my grandfather was not like other people. Every time the military or a private employer would send my dad to a new location, my grandfather bought the home across the street to be near us.

A Passion for Real Estate: Lessons as a Teenager

When I was a teenager, my grandfather explained to me how it all worked. He had five commercial properties. They were paid-in-full. And they generated over $15,000/month in rental incomes that he and my grandmother could use for anything they wanted.

I worked hard, and I bought my first home at twenty-one. It has been an upward climb ever since.

A Passion for Real Estate: Probate Litigation

That same grandfather taught me how “easy” it is to invest wisely in real property. However, he also taught me the negative side of prudent investment: People sometimes just want your money.

This lesson became crystal clear for me after my great grandfather’s funeral. The woman he was dating at the time told my Grandpa to get of “her” land immediately after the funeral. Now that Great Grandpa was dead, the land was hers, and she wanted the whole family off of it. . . . At least, that is what she thought.

What my Great Grandfather never told his girlfriend was that Grandpa Ronnie owned all the land. Great Grandpa lived for free in a house that Grandpa Ronnie provided. When Great Grandpa died, he had nothing. Unfortunately for his girlfriend, she walked away empty-handed, and perhaps ironically, she could have lived in the house until her dying day had she not tried to evict everyone in my family.

I realized then that not everyone is so lucky. I see it in court regularly. In one case, it was actually a friendly taxi-cab driver who had convinced his “friend” to sign over all real estate during his final years, and the family was shocked to learn that their father had been duped out of everything!

Now, I take great pleasure in trying to right these kinds of wrongs. I love these cases!

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