Why choose Watson Realty in Bakersfield, CA?

I chose Watson Realty in Bakersfield, CA. It was not an accident or a slip of fate. I knew before I took my real estate exams where I wanted to end up. The question is, should you chose Watson Realty to represent you?

Watson Realty provides cutting edge technology.

A blue police box (the tardis) sits in a field of leaves.
Watson agents have access to so much advanced technology that it is like we traveled back in time to give you a selling advantage.

When Watson Realty announced in 2006 that it joined the ERA franchise, the Bakersfield Californian reported that “ERA has spent more than $250 million on technology.” Watson Realty left ERA in 2020, but they continue to provide top-notch services to their agents like the new partnership with DeltaMedia.

I was a computer programmer for 20 years before I was a real estate agent, and I know how important it is. Companies must invest in technology and use it. If they don’t, then they cannot properly serve the customers. At Watson Realty, I have access to leading tech and am often given the chance to test new products before they are widely used. In fact, because of Watson Realty, I was one of the first agents who made and prepared 3D virtual tours in Bakersfield on Zillow’s 3D platform.

Watson Realty writes the best contracts in Bakersfield, CA

Real estate agent reviews contract with buyer. Keys and cash are on the table.
Watson Realty trains agents thoroughly on the importance of the contract. This is why Watson transactions usually are so smooth and have so few headaches.

Watson Realty forces all agents to take a week-long training course on contract writing and review. The agents study the do’s and don’ts that have landed other agents and clients in court. In addition to the week long training, Watson Realty invites legal specialists to update the agents on what is happening in the courts today.

When it comes to working in the field, I notice this training. Transactions I work with smaller brokerages always become difficult. The difficulties come from badly written contracts or the other agent lacks understanding of the boilerplate text. I never have these problems with a Watson Realty agent. A good agent cares about the contract and the words that appear on it.

Watson does not have the only agents that take contracts seriously. If you want to have a list of my favorite agents who were easy to work with because they respect the contract, check out my list of top real estate agents in Bakersfield, Ca.

What becomes clear is this: I’d much rather do a deal with a Watson Agent than a non-Watson agent, because it takes a lot of risk and headache out of the transaction. You should want to work with a Watson agent too.

Watson Realty is always ranks at the top in sales within Bakersfield, CA.

Dollar bills grow in the soil like plants in a garden..
Watson so frequently outperforms the other brokerages that it is like we grow money for our clients.

Every month, Watson agents review market statistics and compare our performance against the other brokerages. At the end of the year, Watson’s average sale price is always highest, and Watson always has the greatest volume. That is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Watson only has between 200 and 300 agents at any given time. Some of the other brokerages have more than 1,000 agents, yet Watson still sells more!

The dedication to excellence, amazing training, and investment in technology gives Watson agents the edge that other brokerages just can’t compete with.

When you list your home for sale, wouldn’t you rather list it with the brokerage that has the highest average sales price? Don’t you want the chance to get the most money for your house that you can? If you do, then there is only one clear choice: Watson Realty.

Watson Realty has History in Bakesfield, CA

When you search for the history of Watson Realty on the Internet, you won’t find much. But the local population remembers Watson Realty’s story going back at least to the 1970’s. The company has been a cornerstone of Bakersfield, CA’s real estate market ever since.

The closest that I came to verifying the companies age is in the corporate name records at the state. There, we see that the corporation of Watson Property Management was first created in May of 1976. Watson Property Management listed its corporate offices in Los Angeles. In 1980, Watson Realty Services, Inc., registered its first offices in Bakersfield, CA. This is the same entity that continues to this day.

While I cannot be certain when Watson Property Management moved to Bakersfield, we know for certain that since at least 1980, Watson has been adding value to Bakersfield’s residents.

Choose Watson to Sell your Home

You’ve read this far, and you have see three great reasons to choose Watson. I could list more, but isn’t it better to find out for yourself. List your home for sale with today by calling Jared Clemence at Watson Realty. I will be happy to introduce you to the Watson culture and values that have shaped real estate in Bakersfield over the last forty years.