Bakersfield Real Estate Listings Hold Strong despite quarantine

On March 18, Governor Newsom issued the “stay-in-place” order. Real estate agents and the California Association of Realtors responded quickly to create COVID-safe guidelines. As a result, we have seen no change in the number of new listings posted each day.

In the chart below, we see the number of new listings in Bakersfield listed by day. They are compared against the average number of listings per day over the preceding month. Between Feb 18 and March 18, Bakersfield home owners listed an average of 27 new homes for sale every day. After COVID, we have exceeded that count every single day.

Chart showing listings every day since the
New listings (blue line) consistently exceed the average daily listing count from before the “stay in place” order (orange line). Bakersfield’s real estate market has NOT been slowed down by COVID-19.

Remember to be COVID-safe

Because listings remain strong, if you want to sell, now is the time. Do not wait, but you should practice COVID-safe listings.

First, use virtual tours instead of allowing buyers to visit the home. Some agents are able to do virtual tours, most are still figuring it out. Jared at Watson Real estate has been doing virtual tours since early last year. Choose an agent who will make a virtual tour without flaws or errors that will frustrate your buyers. If you aren’t sure who to pick, pick Jared Clemence.

Second, write COVID-safe contracts. Don’t accept every offer that comes in without first making sure that it is COVID-safe. Buyers should be allowed limited access to the property during escrow. They should never have more than two people present for an inspection (other than an agent to let them in). The contract should allow delays for appraisals and provide stipulations for what happens if either party requires quarantine during the transaction.

Third, work with an agent like Jared Clemence who can do most consultations by phone and teach you how to use digital signatures and video conferencing so that you remain perfectly safe and at a distance from all strangers.

What to do if you are ready to list your home, or thinking about it.

If you are read to list or thinking about it, start with a phone consultation. Do not allow a real estate agent into your home until you have had a chance to ask questions and get answers by phone. Many agents wish to do listing appointments in person, but this is risky. You want to remain isolated during the “stay-in-place” order, and telephones or virtual meetings are the only way to guarantee safety.

Call me with your questions. I have been selling Real Estate for Watson Realty since early last year. I teach other agents how to make virtual tours and online advertisements that make houses move, which means that I am the expert that other agents rely on for their information. Get the best for your home and your family. Ask me how to market your home and be COVID-safe.

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