Are you a home seller? Choose a Bakersfield agent.

When you switch from home owner to home seller, your priorities change. Here are some of the things you should consider as a Bakersfield home seller when choosing your Bakersfield seller’s agent.

Choose a Bakersfield Agent who works in a Team

Even the best agents can’t be everywhere all the time. To ensure the best result, work with an agent who has a team.

A good team has someone to handle the marketing, someone to handle mortgage lending, and someone to show the property to buyers.

By having a team working for you, you ensure the greatest chance of success when you sell your home.

A smart home seller chooses a brokerage with history.

Agents cannot work alone. They must work under a broker. Which broker you choose makes all the difference. Choose a brokerage that has history, because they will have the most beneficial programs and in-house experience.

New brokerages appear better, because they undercut the competition with low fees. However, home sellers become quickly disappointed. New brokerages often do not have money to pay for Zillow syndication or Trulia syndication. This means that Zillow and Trulia will not show your home as being “for sale.” This is a big problem, because 90% of all buyers currently shop on Zillow or Trulia even while they are working with an agent who provides better tools!

Watson Realty ERA has been in Bakersfield since 1973. This brokerage invests heavily in tools for your benefit, because that is how the brokerage outlasts the competition. While other brokerages have come and gone, Watson Realty ERA has stood the test of time!

Jared, Michele and Tarah all work for Watson Realty ERA.

Headshot of Jared, an agent who helps Bakersfield home sellers like you.
Jared Clemence helps home sellers by expertly marketing the property.
Headshot Michele Cooper
Michele Cooper works with Jared to provide loans to your buyers.
Headshot of Tarah Poochigian
Tarah Clemence shows properties when Jared and Michele cannot.

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In sum… when searching for a Bakersfield seller agent…

Now that you have decided to sell your home and become a home seller in Bakersfield, you have one tough decision to make. If you make it correctly, the rest of the transaction will go smoothly and without any serious headaches. Remember to select an agent who works in a team. Choose a team who works for an experienced brokerage, and make sure the brokerage has the ability to “syndicate” to Zillow and Trulia (this is critical!).