How to decide: Do I need probate before I sell my parents’ house?

Do you need probate? Can you sell the inherited house without it? The questions are common, and I can help you find the answers.

The stress haunts you at night; you are losing sleep. You recently lost your parent, and now you must decide how to sell their home and what to do with all of their belongings. Most people don’t know where to start. You are not alone.

Before you list the home for sale, here are some things you need to consider, because you may find out that selling the home is against the law.

Probate is required whenever property transfers by a deceased person through a will or by a person who dies without a will. It’s surprising, but true, the Last Will and testament does not prevent the need for probate.

Not all properties need probate, however. If your parent was shrewd, they may have positioned title so that probate is not necessary. Joint tenancy, trusts, and other holdings types may allow you to avoid the probate process entirely.

Discover if your inherited home needs probate or if it can be listed for sale immediately. Get a free review by someone who knows what to look for.