The Bar Exam Approaches

I started this journey in 2018. I always expected the years would pass quickly, but it still feels surprising to be here already. The bar exam is just 15 days away, and I’m both excited and nervous! It is one of those rare moments where the word anxious is appropriate (most people usually mean to use the word “eager”).

The past four years have brought me many surprises. I never anticipated being separated from my prior employer. I certainly did not anticipate that I would be a father to two amazing children. Like the rest of the world, I also never anticipated a worldwide pandemic. The four years of law school have been nothing like what I had anticipated.

According to all currently available information, I am still first in my class, but I find that surprising. Fathering two children has impacted my ability to devote evenings and weekends to legal studies. I’ve noticed a slight decline in my assignment performance results. Still, when I compare my grades against those of my colleagues, it appears that I had sufficient enough lead to have maintained my position despite the unexpected and added stresses of life.

As soon as the bar exam is complete, my wife and I will take a well-deserved vacation before I return to work at a job I have come to love at Coleman & Horowitt. I’ve enjoyed working on probate litigation and estate planning. I will also be adding unlawful detainer actions and quiet title actions to my practice this year. The next four years will be a period of definition, and I will need to start branding myself as the type of lawyer that I wish to be for the remainder of my career.

I hope that you will join me on that journey. Leave your comments and well wishes below. I love knowing more about the people who read these blog posts, and that you are “out there.” Thank you for joining me on my journey.