R.I.P. Mary Krause, 85yrs, Emmaus, PA

Obituary, Mary Krause

(May 6, 1936–Feb 8, 2022)

Mary Krause died on February 8, 2022, at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

For many decades, the Lehigh Valley has been blessed with two women named Mary Krause, who knew each other well because of errors at the post office: Mary Krause of Krause Honda Emmaus and Mary Krause of Krause Toyota Schnecksville.

In the early hours of Tuesday, February 8th, Mary Krause of Krause Honda Emmaus passed at Lehigh Valley Hospital. She is most well-known and remembered for her incredible success growing and developing the Honda brand with her husband. As Dealership #82, they operated the 32nd franchise issued in the United States and raised it to great success. Many people within the Valley owned or saw a vehicle with their iconic license plate frames reading, “You meet the nicest people on a Honda—Krause Honda Emmaus.”

Mary lived a rich life filled with adventure. She operated Krause Honda as a family business and explored most of the Northern Hemisphere because of her success. Throughout her life, she owned real estate in multiple states and countries. She also met exciting and famous people. She traveled the United States with her Honda Motorcycle racing team and many locals even believe she inspired a song written and published by the Beach Boys. (“Little Honda” was written before and was already a hit on the radio before the Beach Boys spent the week riding the streets of Emmaus on Krause Honda Motorcycles.) Despite all those adventures, she most enjoyed the simple pleasure of being at home where people knew her name. For that reason, she dedicated her final years to the quiet enjoyment of her home in the Lehigh Valley, so she could be close to the people and places she loved.

On a stack of papers lining a rusty metal government desk, Mary’s name likely sits among a list of others as “just another COVID death.” However, her family believes Mary chose the time of her passing. She waited until her sister Hannah and daughter Colleen could be by her side. She waited until her identical twin daughters, who would each need the immediate support of the other, were together. Mary also had special significance for the numbers containing 2’s and 4’s. When the time was right, at 12:42 am in the 2nd month of 2022, she decided that the world was ready to go on without her. She joins, in Heaven above, those who predeceased her, namely: her husband (Ronald W. Krause of Emmaus, PA), her son (Michael Krause of Emmaus, PA), her brother (Sam Scheltzer of Miami, FL), and her niece (Leanne T. Black of Bethlehem, PA).

[Ask Colleen about the significance of the 2’s and 4’s at the funeral or viewing.]

Mary will be missed with heavy hearts. She is survived by three siblings: Hannah Margetich, Paul Scheltzer, and John Scheltzer; three daughters: Colleen T. Krause Straw, Doreen K. Lane, and Darlene K. Krause-Clemence; six grandchildren: Jody Lane, Tammi S. Perez, Jared R. Clemence, Colin J. Clemence, and Kiri N. Clemence; and seven great-grandchildren: Kayla L. Obee; Lane, Blake, Austin, and Quinn Perez; and Eleanor R. and Henry V. Clemence; her nieces, Kim A. Cressman (and Kim’s children and grandchild); Robin Florindi (and her children); Bill Margetich (and his children and grandchildren); and Dara Schleiker. Mary is survived by the following in-laws: Karen Scheltzer, wife to Paul Scheltzer; Jerry Straw, husband to Colleen Straw; Michael Lane, husband to Doreen Lane; Carlos Perez, husband to Tammi Perez; and Tarah Clemence, wife to Jared Clemence.

Schantz Funeral Home will host viewings for Mary between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Thursday, Feb 24, and again at 1 p.m. on Friday, Feb 25, before the funeral services. Schantz Funeral Home stands at 250 Main Street, Emmaus, PA.

Schantz Funeral Home will hold funeral services on Friday, Feb. 25, at 2 p.m.

In Mary’s honor, the family encourages all Lehigh Valley Honda motorcycle owners to put on a motorcycle jacket and enjoy a ride this week (solo or with friends).

About the Author: This obituary is written and published by Jared R. Clemence, Mary’s grandson, who will sadly miss the funeral due to its close proximity in time to the California Bar Exam. Grandma always wanted me to pursue higher education. She thought I had a gift with words. While she would have wanted me at her funeral, and I do wish I could be there, she would not have wanted me to miss such an important examination that cannot be rescheduled on a whim and is only offered twice each year. After the bar exam, I will be joining the law firm of Coleman & Horowitt where I currently work as a full-time law clerk.