Invest in Bakersfield

Would you like to invest in Bakersfield?

The first step on the investor path is to email me to schedule an investor’s consultation. In the email, please tell me a little about yourself. I will respond with some available times for a first meeting to talk about available opportunities and the investing process.

Reasons to invest in Bakersfield

There are many reasons to invest in Bakersfield. For one, properties are inexpensive. You can buy a 4-plex here for as little as $350,000. Second, we have a strong rental market. Watson Property Management manages over 950 doors, and the biggest problem is not having enough homes to rent. (Most agencies in Bakersfield have a wait list.) Lastly, Bakersfield is consistently growing, which means that housing prices continue to rise with each year (this adds a measure of safety to your investment, if it is well cared for).

Video Transcript

Investing in Bakersfield is becoming more popular with every year. As housing prices skyrocket in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego, there is more opportunity for homeowners like you to take their equity and invest it in areas with lower housing prices.

Recently one homeowner in Los Angeles took $50,000 of equity to purchase a duplex in Bakersfield off of Niles street. That homeowner is now making $1,500 per month in rents. That $1,500 is being used to pay down the second mortgage he took on his home to access his equity. Once it is paid off, he plans to do it again.