3D Home Tours change Real Estate Sales

No more Showings

Buyers are able to tour the home from their couch. They no longer need to wait for a REATOR to be free, and they can tour available properties at any hour of the day or night. If they wake up at 3am in the morning, they can pass the time touring houses and put an offer in on their favorite house before 6am.  Will your house be available for them to view?

Make 3D Tours part of your Listing Agreement

You want your home to be visible to the new market of home buyers. Because of this, you want to make 3D tours part of your listing agreement. Choose a REALTOR who has the knowledge and skill to put your home in front of buyers in the way buyers want to see it. Not all agents can make a 3D tour.

Right now, all Bakersfield houses that list with me (Jared Clemence) get a free 3D tour as part of the listing agreement. List with me, and your home will be visible to the new market of buyers.

  • Show your house 24/7
  • Reduce nosy traffic in your home
  • Relax more, while your home sells.

3D Tours give your home a boost

For the next year, Zillow is advertising 3D homes heavily. Every new listing that has a 3D tour is pushed to the top of the search results for seven days after the listing starts. By pushing your home in front of buyers, Zillow is helping buyers to see the wonderful advantages of being able to shop from the couch.

  • See homes instantly
  • Never wait for an appointment
  • See homes that were otherwise unavailable (tenant occupied)

Talk to Jared to learn more about 3D Tours

Have questions about 3D Tours? Click the button to dial Jared at 610-360-9558. Jared is a Bakersfield REALTOR who works for Watson Realty.